DARK STAR wins Potomac Century Race

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For Bob Soli, century_2Three boats sailed the 100 KM Potomac Century Race this weekend, a 62 nautical mile dash downthe Potomac to Maryland Pt and back. Sailed in pursuit format, all PHRF corrections are added

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BMW Oracle Brought to you by our Former Commodore

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Our former Commodore Richard Knab found a great video of BMW Oracle amping things up for the next AC.

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Spring Weekend 1 from Doug Savage & Allegiance

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Capsized boat rescueMarch 23, 2013, aboard ALLEGIANCE off Alexandria.
We had a close one this weekend. As our group of 3 boats approached the leeward mark off Alexandria, we began positioning for a good rounding and sprint for the finish. LIONS PAW and RUNNETH OVER had rolled us early in the leg, but we were steadily making ground on them in the strong puffs that were gusting in from the NW. They were both going to be an issue at the mark. We saw a big puff rolling in and positioned to pass both boats……but the puff passed us by and found them instead! 70 yards ahead, LIONS PAW took a hard knock down, exposing most of her bottom and rounding her up to starboard. Just down wind, 50 yards ahead, RUNNETH OVER also layed over hard, jibed, and rolled over to port, rolling well past 90 degrees. We saw her centerboard slide into her hull, and she turned turtle within 10 seconds, flooding quickly down until only a few inches of her bottom were visible. From racing well to nearly fully submerged in under a minute! Crew in the water, inflatable PFDs activated.

Onboard ALLEGIANCE, we quickly started the engine and went to full ahead, driving for the RUNNETH OVER crew that was clustered in the 40 degree water around her submerged stern. The genoa was dropped to the deck and we throttled back as we came near, coasting alongside. The stern ladder was dropped and we fought to establish a station alongside. We had to strike the mainsail to hold position as we fought to over power the wind in the rig. Backing within a few feet of the over turned hull, mainsail down, we shifted to neutral and began recovering the sailors over the stern from the frigid river. A call to DC Harbor was contacted on 16, and we brought everyone on board with some difficulty after a long few minutes in the water. Wet clothing was replaced by blankets, and the 3000 BTU heater made itself known. We returned everyone to the marina and everyone turned out OK. The remainder of the fleet stayed with RUNNETH OVER until the police arrived. As a crew, we remarked that ALLEIGENCE was the right boat in the right spot at the right time, and tradgedy was averted.

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Spring Weekend 1 from Bill Davenport & Runneth Over

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It was a blustery day with stratified layers of wind competing for domination at the water level. Each one of these gusts. Arms of wind from aloft that broke through to the surface. Came from a different direction than those we were sailing in.

Capsized boat rescue

We had good posistion as we sailed the weather leg towards 7A. But the starboard jib halyard broke. We sailed bareheaded until Brian Russo (foredeck) and Ryan Galloway (pit) wrestled the jib down and attached the Port jib halyard. We were now in third and trying to catch up. After rounding 7A. The wind was from the west as we starboard tack reached for red nun 2 on the DC side of the channel. We had passed Allegence and were near Lions Paw. When Ryan, who was on the rail looking aft for gusts. Shouted Knock Down and jumped into the pit. We were then hit by a very strong gust which passed over us swirling. In a second we chanced from a reach to a run to a jibe then capsized. With the jib aback it drove the capsized boat under and filled the cabin with water. We had gone from sailing to chest deep in 40 degree water in a matter of 3 seconds. Luckily Allegiance was within 50 yards. Janice Minshal, Karl Hobart and Doug Savage went into high gear rescue mode. They passed us then backed up under power and Ryan and Bran swam for it. As they scrambled up the ladder. The boat started sailing away. Doug had killed or idled the engine to avoid injuring swimmers with the prop. Once aboard Doug backed again. This time Jim Antonovich swam for it. The cold was now affecting our abilities to swim and climb. as Jim tried to climb the ladder Carl threw me a line. As the boat was now sailing away and I was having trouble keeping up. As I climbed the ladder I realized I couldn’t feel my legs or make them work well. As I gained the deck level Karl and Doug hauled me aboard. Janice began ordering us out of “those wet clothes” got us blankets and towels. Then shuttled us below where a propane heater was blasting. The perfect boat to be rescued in and by an expert crew.

Feeling Lucky

Bill Davenport

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Rules Seminar March 26th — Save the date

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Your officers have organized a seminar devoted to the racing rules of sailing that will take place on March 26 at the Indigo Landing restaurant. The rules seminar will be presented by the esteemed US Sailing Senior Judge Hugh Elliot. Hugh has a long legacy of sailing accolades which can be viewed in his biography. The seminar will begin at 7 pm. It is anticipated that a social hour will precede the meeting. More information will be forthcoming.

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Titanic II from Tom Crowe & CrowesNest

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Recently in Pennsylvania a famous rodent came out of his burrow, saw no shadow, and proclaimed that spring is just around his corner.

Just a few hours later in Alexandria, a group of well-known rodents came out of hibernation to see if spring had arrived yet on the river…. It hadn’t, and this is their Titanic (II) story.

Allegiance, Shadowfax and CrowesNest raced a mid-length course (S-2-7A-F) under a lightly snowing 8-10 knot breeze from the WSW.

Shadowfax was first to the upwind mark, followed by CrowesNest a few boatlengths later and Allegiance bringing up the tail.


Shadowfax and CrowesNest then spent most of the downwind leg maneuvering side by side with CrowesNest rounding the downwind leg less than a boat length in front of ShadowFax. Allegiance rounded later, but was still too close for comfort with their considerable correction factor.

After the leeward mark was rounded the wind had picked up a good bit and became quite shifty off the navy pier. The fleet encountered the Spirit of Mt. Vernon coming upriver just after the pier and with a silent nod to Pat (and a warning from the Spirit’s Horn) stayed well clear. Everyone then proceed quickly to the finish and awaited warmth. CrowesNest was across the line first @ 12:53, ShadowFax@ 12:55, and Allegiance just a few minutes later.

Interesting facts:
Due to the heavy rains over the past few days, the rivers current was ebbing during the rising tide.
Temps were below freezing the entire race. CrowesNest’s port sidedeck was a sheet of ice from water over the rail during the race. Our discussion onboard turned to the hearty souls of old sailing ships chipping ice from the rigging in the Arctic/Antarctic – we decided to leave the ice and let it melt when it wanted.
Everyone agreed that this was the coldest they had ever raced in.
Pizza and Beer @ Rustico afterwards thawed everyone out.
We didn’t see any shadows so spring should be here soon.

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