Blue Boat

Class/Design: Cal 27-2
Year Built: 1978
Builder: Jenson Marine
Rating: 213

History of the boat:

We bought Blue Boat off of Ebay from Jim McKie in October 2004. After fixing her up on the land in Mayo, MD, we launched her into the Chesapeake Bay in spring 2005. She spent the summer sailing the Chesapeake Bay and even made it all the way to the Atlantic and back. We sailed her around to the Washington Sailing Marina Thanksgiving weekend 2005. Now she has had two summers of racing on the Potomac River and a few long races, like the Master’s of the Potomac and the Governor’s Cup. The name Blue Boat was purely happenstance. She was formerly Melee of previous racing fame.

About the owner and crew:

Bob Soli is a systems engineer by trade and brings those skills to sailing and racing. He is a born and bred Midwesterner with limited sailing experience on lakes in Michigan and Minnesota. After moving to the area in 2003, he took sailing lessons with his wife and daughter in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since.

Johanna Soli is a software engineer by trade and leaves her work at work when she goes sailing. Her experience is even less than Bob’s, since she grew up in South Dakota. But practice makes perfect and we’ve had lots of practice together in the last four years. She’s in it more for the enjoyment, but is secretly very competitive.

The rest of the Blue Boat crew is hit and miss. We’ve had our adult children at times, Kathryn, Nathan, and/or Martha. In fact, Kathryn is planning to spend the summer with us and will likely be a regular crew. She loves sailing. She is planning to finish her college degree at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

We’ve also had Jessica Libertini and her friend, Dennis, from Russia. We’ve had Andrew and Jessica Richers, the children of one of Bob’s coworkers. Finally we’ve had Justin and Angela McFarland. They all indicated an interest in joining us again this year