Cadence II

Class/Design: Etap 30
Year Built: ???
Builder: ???
Rating: 192

History of the boat:

The Etap 30 is an interesting boat. They were built in Belgium to scantlings able to tackle the rough conditions of the North Sea. She is a heavy boat at 8,000 pounds and has less interior volume than most boats her size because she is constructed much like a Boston Whaler, meaning that she has a double hull filled with foam. She is literally unsinkable, even if holed. She can be sailed back to her slip even with a cabin full of water. There are only a handful of Etap 30’s in the US – it was very popular in Europe. Because she is heavy, can only carry a 140% genoa, and is configured with a shoal draft keel, she really likes winds over 10 knots and she doesn’t point as high as many of the light air fliers in the DISC fleet.