Crowes Nest

Class/Design: Tartan 30
Year Built: 1974
Builder: Tartan
Rating: 180

History of the boat:

CrowesNest was bought in 2000 in Oceanside CA. She was moved soon after to San Diego where I lived aboard and did a nearly complete overhaul. Pretty much everything from the sails to the kitchen sink was replace and upgraded with the exception of the Atomic4 Engine. From October 2003 to May 2005 we traveled from San Diego to Long Island Sound via the Panama Canal (adjacent photo was taken in the Canal). In 2006 we arrived on the Potomac.

About the owner and crew:

Tom Crowe. I grew up in S. Jersey, sailing with my father on a 26’ skipjack. I left sailing for quite some time, but picked it up again when I moved to San Diego with a long term goal towards cruising. I first raced on BlackAdder, a J27, and currently crew on Insatiable, a J30 from Annapolis.

Ingrid Werber. Ingrid grew up in Germany, and has sailing experience on both the North Sea, and the Med. We met in Mexico as a friend of a friend situation, and she is now co-owner.