Class/Design: Capri 22
Year Built: 1989
Builder: Catalina Yachts
Rating: 207
Owner: Pentagon Sailing Club

About the boat and crew:

No pampered racer, She! FALCON is a 1989 (Catalina) Capri 22 work horse that spends each season plowing watery furrows up and down the Potomac in Pentagon Sailing’s Basic Keelboat Course. Along with her four sister ships, FALCON was instrumental in the minting of 78 new basic skippers in 2009.

But Tuesday evenings she dresses up and steps out! We ten or so regulars of PSC Racing Squadron muster at our Bolling AFB dock about 4pm to rig out FALCON and (new to us in 2010) NOVA, another ’89 Capri.

In our first year with DISC we raced FALCON in the spin class. Unfortunately, though, after many darkness-forced DNFs, we had to face the fact that we are better suited to the shorter non-spin courses and have found a happy home in that fleet ever since.

PSC did spring for a new set of Ullman Sails for FALCON last year and for NOVA this year. We’ll see if they’re fast. They certainly are pretty. We are also working on fairing and smoothing both bottoms and if the budget holds out we’ll get a coat of Baltoplate on before the first race.

Falcon is one of three PSC boats registered to sail with DISC during the 2010 season (Nova and Gale III are the other two). We don’t have fixed crews, rather we have a race-based development system that progressively advances a new member through the crew positions until we are ready to entrust him with command of a boat in DISC Races. Here is some background on the sailors who rotate through the crews of these three boats:

  • Tom Cordell is our elected leader for 2010; he is a retired Navy surface ship driver who lives way down in southern Maryland and sails his 26 ft McGregor on the lower Potomac.
  • Darrell Harris (the Big Brit) is a staffer at the British Embassy. His sails a countryman’s 38 ft Catalina out of Solomons. Darrell is one of the founders of our Racing Squadron and is still scarred from all of those early battles to get “our thing” off the ground.
  • Chris Elenbaum is an AF fighter jock and the only one of us that knows anything about sailboat racing beyond what we are learning with DISC.
  • Jim Mead is a Marine ground officer who sails his Catalina 27 out of Quantico.
  • Steve Calhoun is a retired Army helicoper pilot and one of our new additions from last year.
  • Ed Kilbane is a Navy doctor whom we are all very nice to because his next posting is rumored to be some place in the Caribbean Islands.
  • Rich Alt is a retired Arlington Police Detetive who now investigates a desk for Homeland Security.
  • Bill Hallam is an old Army paratrooper who spends odd hours repairing his Ka trina- damaged Island Packet over at Fort Belvoir marina.