Class/Design: Catalina 27
Designer: Frank Butler
Rating: 213

History of the boat:

Jurate was on the Chesapeake Bay until about 6 years ago when Fred Mashack purchased her and moved her to Buzzard Point, an upscale marina on the Anacostia, where it is now one of the only boats actually floating at that marina. Fred started racing her in 2007. Results were not great that year, but each year thereafter, the trophies have begun to trickle in, including the Masters of the Potomac in 2009. Learning how to race the boat and abide by the rules has been a great challenge for the entire crew of Jurate. We are proud to say that we have only been taken to Boat Court once (lost that case) and we strive to never go there again no matter what. Jurate was in a wreck in 2008, but was repaired and raced again in 2009.

For those interested in Catalina 27s, sailing magazine has a good article about them on the internet at http://www.sailingmagazine.net/UBN_1102.html.

About the owner and crew:

Fred Mashack is a Capitol Hill resident. He owns two boats, Jurate and another sailboat kept on the West River. He is self-employed as a skilled iron worker. 2007 was his first year racing.

Pope Barrow owns and single hands a classic Pearson 26 berthed down on the St. Mary’s River. 2007 was his first year racing with DISC. He has cruised since age 14, including one transatlantic on a catamaran with two friends in 2007. He has sailed and raced in the Bay and elsewhere (Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, San Francisco Bay, Corsica, etc) since the middle of the last century. Pope is retired and currently working pat time as a consultant on legislation. He was formerly the Legislative Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Bobby and Joanna Cooney are the regular crew for Jurate, sometimes joined by others in their family. They have been racing on Jurate since the beginning of the 2009 season. Their sailing skills have grown by leaps and bounds during that period to the point now where they would qualify as crew on any boat anywhere. In fact, they were nominated to crew in the America’s Cup race, but Bobby had to have part of his heart replaced and could not make that race.