Lynne L

Class/Design: Montgomery 17
Year Built: 2005
Builder: Montgomery Boats
Rating: 294

History of the boat:

Lynne L was built in Dana Point, California, in 2005 by Montgomery Boats for Walt Wood of the Chesbay Sailing School. Under her original name, Berly B, she was featured in the Annapolis In-Water Boat Show in October, 2005 and used for the sailing school on the Bay during the 2006 season. Like all Montgomerys, she is seaworthy, solidly built, and remarkably fast and roomy for her size (17’ 2” LOA) and weight (1600#). I was lucky enough to find her on the market in 2007 as I was looking to end an over 20-year break in my sailing career. Snce October, 2007, she has sailed from her trailer at the Washington Sailing Marina.

About the owner and crew:

Rick Davies, Owner has had a long and checkered sailing career, learning to sail at Buzzard’s Point in the late ‘50’s as a member of the GWU dinghy racing team. In the 60’s he owned and sailed a Rainbow Weekender (the overnighting version of the popular Rainbow design), out of Back Creek, Annapolis. For a few seasons in the early 70’s he raced a 505 at West River Sailing Club, then brought the 505 to Washington Sailing Marina where she stayed until the mid-80s. He then slowly dropped out of sailing until retirement brought him back to his avocation with the purchase of Lynne L.

John Keane, Crew, has also sailed for many years, both in this country and during diplomatic assignments to South America and other parts of the world. In addition to crewing on Lynne L, John sails his own Highlander at Washington Sailing Marina, and can be seen frequently windsurfing in the lagoon and on the river.

Greg Reinhard , Crew, an old high school friend, lives retired in Chester, MD, where he is five minutes from his Cal 28, Belladue, which takes a large proportion of his time. When he can be enticed from sailing the Bay, he generously contributes his sailing skills to Lynne L.