Man O War

Class/Design: S2 7.9 Hull 511 (out of 540)
Year Built: “That would imply age, sailing is ageless”
Builder: S2 Yachts
Rating: 171


We are always looking for crew. Crew names are being withheld as part of the witness protection program. Yes, this boat has had its share of chaos. The facts of life require that we work, which sometimes makes it hard to sail with a full crew. Word of caution: we have been know to steal other boat’s crew…

The Legend:

Since we don’t measure any form of time in sailing except the 5 minute countdown at the start of a race and elapsed time of course… I formulated my scheme to purchase a new boat while climbing the Ghar in Afghanistan. A camouflage pennant came back to the club while I was away. It was labeled the “Camp Alamo Sailing Club.” The pennant was passed from club to club until it was lost at sea… My theory is that a devious minded sailor is using it to distract military sailors at the beginning of the starting sequence.

The name? Answer- We were in Kentucky which is horse country “Man-O-War” is a famous winning racehorse. But wait the story is not over… “Man-O-War” is also a deadly jellyfish, AND “Man-O-War” is the name used to describe the great British sailing craft who dominated the world’s oceans in their day. AND “Man-O-War” is a descriptive term related to the skipper of said craft. We will come up with more meanings as we continue the conquest of the Potomac in our eventual campaign to win ALL THE MARBLES…

Rules of the boat:

simple: . win.

Rumors of Fall 2013:

The tow vehicle of this craft is forever cursed; this led to many years of having no tow vehicle at all. We would ply the boatyard with cold beverages asking for transport to the next race. There was an unnamed minivan who gave its final reward (RIP) after faithfully towing to the ramp. After years of plotting, and matrimonial negotiation, a major purchase was made in the form of a 2013 Ford Lariat Crew cab. The demons who lurk in dark places texted a questionable soul at the wheel of a dreaded SUV to ram said Ford after the skipper only owned it for 5 days. This was probably part of a larger plot by the other racers to keep Man-O-War off the water. The boat bears the scars of battle with Git-R-Done and now we are stuck on dry-dock until transportation can be cashiered…