Time Sweep

Class/Design: Yankee Dolphin 24
Year Built: 1971
Builder: Sparkman and Stephens
Rating: 258

History of the boat:

“Timesweep” was purchased in Annapolis 1979 from Robert de Gast, author of “Western Wind, Eastern Shore” which is about circumnavigating the Eastern Shore on a Sailmaster 22. Shortly after moving to DC area I joined SCOW and sailed the club’s Sailmaster 22 frequently. It was also a Sparkman-Stephens design and handled similarly to the Dolphin. That experience plus crewing on Pat Saunders’ Yankee Dolphin convinced me that I would like to own a Yankee Dolphin. (Pat’s boat now named “MO Dean” is owned and raced by Bob and Frank Deichmeister.) Shortly after purchasing her I brought her around to Washington Sailing Marina. Since then she has been sailed mostly in the upper Potomac with a few excursions to the mouth of the river. I believe I’m her third “owner”.

About the owner and crew:

Marcia B. Green In my mid-20’s I taught myself to sail small one-designs on man-made lakes near Lawrence, Kansas. After moving to Seattle, I sailed a C-Lark, which is similar to an Albacore. In DC I sailed SCOW’s one-designs and cruising boats until purchasing “Timesweep”. In addition to the Chesapeake and its tributaries, I have sailed the Intracoastal Waterway and the Bahamian, Virgin and Greek Islands. I was fortunate to crew for Bob Rowland from 1991 to 1994, when he was circumnavigating the globe on his Golden Gate 30. (Ironically, I taught Bob to sail when helping with SCOW’s instructional program). The legs when I was the only crew were: Vanuatu to Townsville, Australia; Bali, Indonesia to the Seychelles up the Red Sea ending in Israel; Marmaris Turkey to Gibraltar; and Antigua back to Key West, where he started. The total mileage for me equals one-half of a circumnavigation. We have raced “Timesweep” since 1984 with differing degrees of success. I was Fleet Captain of DICF from 1984 to 1998.

Judy Munday has owned two boats: an Alberg Corinthian, which is a small beauty, and a Bristol 24. She sailed the Bristol to Philadelphia and to Roanoke Island, NC and all around the Chesapeake and Potomac. Frequently I crewed for her. She raced it the first year or two of the KISS series, but realized that although a very comfortable cruising boat, it didn’t do well racing on the river. After becoming a homeowner, she sold the Bristol because she didn’t have time to maintain a boat and a house. When she feels the need to work on a boat (which is often) “Timesweep” is usually the lucky recipient. During 1991-1994 I wasn’t around all that much, so Rosemary Felsher, Larry Aitcheson and Judy raced my boat and she has continued to race on her. Judy has also sailed a lot on the Intracoastal Waterway, and in the Bahamian, Virgin and Greek Islands.

Michelle Daniels has crewed on “Timesweep” for at least 4-6 years. She wasn’t around much this last summer because of a broken foot that occurred early in the season. However, she did participate in the last series. During the time she was off we were lucky to have the help of Dick Walker (who probably has more racing experience than anyone I know) or Frank or Bob Deichmeister or Russ Frum. Michelle has been actively involved in DICF as has Judy for even longer than Michelle and me. Michelle served as an officer in DICF beginning1984, when elected as Treasurer and later switched to Fleet Lieutenant until “retiring” in 1998. Michelle is a former “big” boat owner, currently has an Albacore that was stored at the Flecks, has extensive sailing and racing experience, and honchoed DICF’s race committee. She wrote the original race instructions and we continue to use the general format which she set up.