Mission-Common Goals

The following text was drafted by Gary Hauptman, former DISC Secretary.

Mission Statement and Common Goals
The Purpose of the DISC, according to its Constitution, is to promote sailing. Promotion of sailing, for the purpose of this document, is a recognition that we, as a club, as sailors and as sailboat racers, shall act in a manner that is consistent with the best interests of sailing and sailors.

This shall mean that we recognize sailing to be intended as a fun and fulfilling recreational pastime requiring awareness, knowledge, judgment, properly supplied and maintained equipment, updated records, registrations licenses, and certificates and concern for the welfare and safety of participants, passengers and spectators.

Club members and all sailors participating in any DISC sponsored events shall do their best to be cooperative, helpful and civil in all DISC events on or off the water.

Sailing and racing are activities that reward practice and study. Skills improvement shall be encouraged and sharing of knowledge, information, tools and equipment are considered to be normal practice and good club citizenship.

Racing is obviously a competitive activity and competing well is a goal. However, good sportsmanship, observance of the rules of racing and maintaining composure are part and parcel of good competition at its highest levels.

The objective is to have fun, challenge our skills, respect the environment and enjoy high quality competition and good fellowship.

Significant amounts of time, effort and money are invested in this sport by all participants. Events are planned and run by volunteers. Sacrifices are made by people for the benefit of the many. This includes the owners who invest in their boats and their sailing programs, crews who take time away from home and family. And the time, talent and resources of the volunteers who make the club a successful recreational organization.

These investments must by honored, appreciated and given due respect. And full participation by the members is to be encouraged, as participants, contributors and volunteers.

Our sport is dependent on cooperation with others who have a right to utilize many of the same facilities and resources. We shall be cognizant that our rights are coexistent with others. Understanding rights and rules are essential. Exercising appropriate courtesy is fundamental.

It is also dependent on conditions of the natural and man-made environment. It shall be our objective to utilize these facilities and these natural resources in a manner that, whenever possible, leaves them in as good or better conditions than when we found them.

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